Impact of Green Marketing Strategies on Consumer Buying Behavior: The Moderating Role of Environmental Concerns in Pakistan


  • Ali Majid Ph.D Research Scholar , Lincoln University College Malaysia, Malaysia Author
  • Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Farooq Lincoln University College Malaysia, Malaysia Author



consumer behaviour, environmental concerns, green marketing


The examination of the interaction among green marketing strategies, organizational identity and innovation performance in medium-large sized firms is addressed in this study. Under the nowadays environmentally concerned and market profundity, such approaches are being adopted as a means of not only satisfy ever-growing legislative environmental standards but also improve marketing competitiveness as well as innovation abilities. The study uses a mixed-methods design, incorporating the analytic tool of structural equation modelling in the quantitative phase, and thematic analysis of interviews and case studies in the qualitative phase. The combination of these two methods yields a rich dataset that reveals how green marketing strategies impact organizational identity, and subsequently, innovation performance. The results show that Green marketing strategies significantly enhance the organizational identity, which in turn leads to the positive influence on innovation performance. The important issues are identified, besides previous literature by the interviewees, the integration of sustainability into the corporate culture, barriers in implementing green strategies, and stakeholder relationships. These emphasized issues give us the deeper understanding of how environment embedded in the firm can drive for sustained innovation and enhancement. Essentially, the thesis does two things. First, it adds to an ongoing body of academic literature on green marketing and the product environments that often drive it; demonstrating that a strong organizational identity built around sustainability can provide a powerful driver of innovation. In doing so, the research supports both why green marketing should be integrated into strategic management, and why corporate strategy should be about much more than looking for the next opportunity to purchase some profitable regulatory easement in a squalid, dying wetland.


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Majid, A. ., & Farooq, M. S. . (2024). Impact of Green Marketing Strategies on Consumer Buying Behavior: The Moderating Role of Environmental Concerns in Pakistan. Bulletin of Business and Economics (BBE), 13(2), 37-43.

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