Strategic Financial Management: Exploring the Interplay between Strategic Orientation and Financial Decision-Making in Corporate Settings


  • Ishtiaq Uz Zaman Chowdhury Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Major in Marketing, School of Business and Economics, North South University, Bangladesh Author
  • Zoya Safdar Department of Management Sciences, Bahria University Islamabad, Pakistan Author
  • Muhammad Adnan MS Scholar, Riphah School of Leadership , Riphah International University, Faisalabad, Pakistan Author
  • Fatima Batool Renmin University of China Author
  • Waqas Ali Lecturer Riphah International University Lahore Campus, MBA Banking and Finance, Punjab university, Pakistan Author
  • Muhammad Usama Abbasi Research Scholar, Department of Management Sciences, Muslim Youth University, Islamabad, 44000, Pakistan Author
  • Khushnoor Khan Research Scholar, Department of Management Sciences, Muslim Youth University, Islamabad, 44000, Pakistan Author



decision making style, strategic financial management


This research aims to enhance comprehension of the relationship between decision-making styles and management and organisational success techniques. The intellectual and practical aspects of the strategic approach to organisational success are first highlighted in this work. Then, this study strengthens the conclusions of previous research on strategic enablers by clarifying the effort required in making decisions to strengthen the managerial structure, particularly the apparent and sensible decision-making styles that little the relationship between the planning process and corporate performance. In conclusion, this study suggests a methodology for evaluating the relationship between business performance and managerial strategy.


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Chowdhury, I. U. Z. ., Safdar, Z. ., Adnan, M. ., Batool, F. ., Ali, W. ., Abbasi, M. U. ., & Khan, K. . (2023). Strategic Financial Management: Exploring the Interplay between Strategic Orientation and Financial Decision-Making in Corporate Settings. Bulletin of Business and Economics (BBE), 12(4), 231-237.

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