A Critical Appraisal of Gilgit-Baltistan Education Strategy 2015-2030


  • Dr. Nasir Ali School of Politics and International studies, KIU Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan Author




education strategy, private sector, federal and provincial government


This study aims to analyze Gilgit-Baltistan Education Strategy 2015-2030 and its revised strategy and implementation plan issued on September 2023 by the Directorate of Education Gilgit-Baltistan. An objective analysis reveals that none of the promised goals outlined in Education Strategy w.e.f 2015 to 2023 have been achieved at any satisfactory level. Revised Strategy and Implementation Plan w.e.f 2023 to 2030 do not reflect on major causes of failure to achieve previously set targets/goals. The strategy paper entails abstract assumptions, encouraging intervention from private sectors and an idealistic call for financial commitments from provincial and federal government. The findings of the study reveals that the subject strategy fails to chart out clear guidance to acclimatize the available resources and it does not incorporate any pragmatic mechanism to eliminate risk factors indicated against each set of goal and objective. The study underscores the importance of considering judicious utilization of available financial and human resources and revision of departmental regulations and statutory laws to curb undue favours and prevent political interferences in Education department Gilgit-Baltistan.


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