Political Parties’ Contribution to the Changing Political Climate in Pakistan


  • Muhammad Saleem Qazi Ph.D Scholar Department of Pakistan Studies Bahuddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan Author
  • Dr. Javed Akhtar Professor, Pakistan Study Center Bahuddin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan Author




Political development, democracy, changing political climate


In any defined political system with sustained democracy, the political parties act as basic solid pillars that contribute in the right direction, exact nature, and level of political development. The history of political development is so deeply stained by military interference but the major political parties such as PMLN, and PPP played a significant role in maintaining a stable democracy though they were lacking in their commitments at many points in economic and social levels. In the constantly changing and unpredictable political climate of Pakistan, the smooth changeover of power is so rare and the history of Pakistani politics is compromised by political parties' rivalries that affect the democratic development and its sustenance on larger bases. The following survey was conducted to evaluate the contribution of political parties to the development of the democracy in changing political climate. Data was collected by using a simple convenient sampling technique through different secondary sources and then analyzed by using content analysis. The survey concluded that political intolerance among different political parties at different stages affects the political climate so drastically and also is a major factor for poorly sustained democracy along with unnecessary military interference.


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